Who We Are

VB Rescue is the nation’s largest volunteer-based emergency medical services system, comprised of 10 individual rescue squads, specialty teams, as well as career staff through the City of Virginia Beach Department of EMS. Working together, we respond to 9-1-1 calls from people in our communities on their worst days. Our highly skilled, trained, professionally certified and dedicated volunteer members are accountants, teachers, mothers, students, retirees, IT specialists and more. Together, all facets of our VB Rescue family share one common goal: to make our neighborhoods better, stronger and safer places. We are truly neighbors saving neighbors.

Who We Are - VB Rescue EMS Volunteer Smiles at the camera

Our Impact

The 10 squads of VB Rescue in close cooperation with Virginia Beach EMS serve the Virginia Beach population of more than 450,000 residents, in addition to the 2.8 million tourists who visit the resort area annually. We respond to over 53,000 emergency calls every year. The time that our members volunteer on behalf of health and public safety is valued at more than $23 million per year. VB Rescue does not charge patients for the services we provide. Rather, we are funded by the generosity of the communities we serve and through the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation.






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Rachael Braet-Foster

Rachael Braet-Foster

Volunteer, Chesapeake Beach

“I have always wanted to be part of an EMS system but never had the time to commit to it full time. VB provides a space for me to serve my community doing what I love with the flexibility I need”

Rachael Braet-Foster

Derek Fuller

10Year Volunteer

“VB Rescue volunteers and career staff stand ready to respond at a moment’s notice. We are truly neighbors taking care of neighbors while wanting to better the community that we live and work in.”

Our History

The City of Virginia Beach’s volunteer rescue squad system came about when various neighborhoods/sections of the region began establishing their own volunteer rescue squads to provide first responders and medical transport to their neighbors in need.

The 10 different squads – all nonprofit 501c3 organizations – began being established by citizens in the early 1950’s.

Over the years, they began serving the entire City as one cohesive group of emergency medical services providers, under the training/direction/policy of the VB City’s Department of EMS. Calls are dispatched by location, and all the Squads work together to provide coverage to the entire City.

The Foundation was established in 1982 by B.M. Stanton, a concerned and dedicated Virginia Beach citizen. Stanton recognized that the growing volunteer EMS squads needed a supporting organization to help with financial and civic support.

Today, the Foundation continues to exemplify Stanton’s values and principles, providing fund-raising support and long-term development strategies to the entire VB Rescue system, which now includes 10 individual squads and more than 1,000 highly skilled, trained members who work in close cooperation with Virginia Beach EMS.